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Experience a unique and authentic stay in one of the five guest rooms of the Château de Villiers, close to Alençon, in the middle of the Normandy-Maine Park and close to the Alpes Mancelles and Perche.

Fascinated by the local terrain and all taht it has to offer, Mr and Mrs Rollo have been able to get the best out of the 16th Century Manor which was extended in the 17th Century. Bringing together ecotourism, comfort and elegance, the Château de Villiers awaits you in a charming atmosphere. Dine in the purest tradition and without worrying about sustainable development, these very beautiful dwellings benefit from an exceptional environment with its medieval vegetable patch, its moat and dovecot.

Each of our five guest rooms have a bathroom with a bathrobe, a hair dryer, environmentally-friendly beauty products and private toilet. There is no television in the rooms.