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At the Château de Villiers, if nature helps its guests with feeling well, it is also thanks to its spa. Located in one of the buildings adjacent to the château, it has been created in a refined atmosphere which helps our guests relax. The Spa Space includes:
The sauna which accommodates up to 6 people.
Feel the immediate effects of a session in dry heat. With Nordic roots, the sauna brings relaxation and wellbeing – it reinforces natural defences, cleans, tones the skin and helps with circulation.

You will then be able to dive into our Jacuzzi. The powerful jets and whirls, associated with a sensation of weightlessness, create the right atmosphere for complete relaxation.

The Spa also has sun loungers, and to complete your day, you will be able to reserve a Shiatsu or Thai massage. In short, a real rejuvenating experience awaits you at the Château de Villiers.

The SPA space can be privately booked for two hours if booked in advance.